Venetian plastering effects

Not just your average plasterer

This is a piece of Venetian plastering I have been working on for a costumers hairdressers shop. This took a lot of time and patience but was worth every bit of it. First a layer of  black venetian plaster was applied as a base coat that you can now see at the lines. I was careful not to burnish it to much the the next layer would have something to grip to. Next I set out a template using masking tape of sharp angles to create a unique pattern of abstract angles.  once the tape was stuck properly I could begin wight he colours. Wanting something quite bold I choose vet vibrant colours. Sunset Orange, Azur, cherry and white.  I was very careful not to have the same colour next to each other and made a rough sketch beforehand to work out what colour of venetian plastering was going to go where.

Once I had worked out what was going where, I used paper to mask each individual shape and venetian plastered every shape one at once. This took a long time. when all the colours had had 3 layers and the venetian plastering was burnished, the masking tape was removed to reveal the very bold striking black lines.  It was a good feeling when it all come together as this was just a idea 3 days earlier. after 24 hours after the last coat and burnish I set to it with the lambs will buffer and brought the shine out of the plaster even more applying decor lacquer. I am happy to make up sample boards for costumers so if you have a idea that you would like to try our please feel free to contact me and we can arrange a consultation a talk about colour schemes. You can call me on 07985711011. Venetian plastering is a excellent way of making a feature wall unique and personal to your business.

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