Oak Floor Sanding Harrogate

Oak floor sanding Harrogate

Dark stain and Hardwax oil finish

Floor sanding Project just finished in Harrogate on this stunning solid oak floor. Our customer Terri approached us to sand her living room and dining room floor on the outskirts of harrogate. The floor had previously been sanded and stained and was not to our customers satisfaction, we are asked if we could rectify the issues and start again. Luckily with it being a solid oak floor this was not a problem as there is plenty of depth for another sanding pass.


A 40 grit belt was first used to get rid of the stain that had been applied too thick and to flatten the uneven finish as much as possible. Following through with orbital grades 40, 60, 80 and 100 for a smooth finish. All the edges were sanded the same method with detailing sanding in the corners and tricky areas. All our machines are on dustless extraction to keep our customers homes as clean as possible.

To achieve the finish, Osmo Terra stain was used and buffed into the grin to darken the oak after sanding. This brings a lot of the character our of the wood and leaves a warm textured look to the floor. Once the stain has dried over night, a clear coat of Osmo satin clear was applied to seal the finish. Very happy with the final outcome of the floor, lots of detail and ready for the future!


If you are based in Harrogate and would like us to look at a floor sanding project for you, please drop us an email on our contacts page or give us a call for a chat.



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