solid oak floor sanding Oakworth

Solid oak floor sanding and restoration

in Oakworth Bronte country

On this recent property renovation we set about sanding this solid oak floor back to its original state. the project was done in a 1830s chapel conversion in Oakworth Bronte country. The oak boards were heavily cupped and all in all the floor was far from level. Taking the time to bring boards back flat firstly with the belt sander at 40 grit, for a flat surface to start working through the grits. the floor was then sanded with an upright orbital from 60 to 100 grit for a smooth finish blending in the edges as we progress.

finally a coat of Osmo Hard wax oil is applied to soak into the oak and cure ready for its now life. Really happy with the outcome and well worth the inconvenience to our customers of the moving of furniture. All our floor sanding equipment is is fully extracted for a dustless project. This means we can carry out the floor sanding efficiently and with as little post job cleaning as possible. Please give us a call of you would like your wood floor sanding and bringing back to life.


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