Set design and Building For Mark Ingram Photography

This was a interesting, creative and fast pace job for us. I was approached by Mark Ingram to help with set design and build sets for a photo shoot. The products on sale were furniture from a leading saloon retailer. Six different sets were made in the photo studio resembling different salons. Every thing had to be made through the eye of the camera as only one perspective was given. Lighting was crucial to the shoot and everything was made with that in mind. All the joinery and and decorating was done on site and we worked closely with stylist to ensure the customer was happy. Set design uses all of our skills at a fast pace, joinery, plastering, painting and decorating all with attention to detail.

If you would like TF Building involved with set design for you business or photo shoot, call us on 07985711011 for a quote or day rate to bring your set design to life. Our creative work ethic can make set design look real.