Engineered Oak Floor Sanding North Yorkshire

Engineered oak floor sanding

Skipton, Harrogate and North Yorkshire

This is an engineered oak floor with a 3mm veneer to work with, When it comes to sanding an engineered floor, lots of care is needed not to go through. Thats the last thing we want. All veneered are sanded with our Flexi sand orbital and not the big belt sander, This keeps us in a lot more control of what is being taken up and is nowhere near as aggressive as the belt. This takes slightly longer but better to be on the safe side with 3mm.

The floor sanding starts at 40 grit on the orbital, to take the existing lacquer up back to bare oak. With this being an engineered floor, there is not too much worry of the boards cupping, so all in all the floor was pretty flat. This is the most difficult pass ensuring all there existing finish is removed. The floor is then sanded through to 100 grit including all the edges passes and detailing.

To bring the grain out in the oak and to darken the boards post floor sanding, We used Osmo oil Terra to stain the oak. This brings out a lot character in the oak and away from the orange tinge that sometimes oil leaves on oak. A top coat of Osmo Satin clear was applied 24 hour after to seal the colour and add a durable finish to the floor. if you are unsure on whether your floor can be sanded, give us a call and we can take a look.

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