Pitch Pine floor sanding Dringhouses York

Pitch Pine floor sanding and restoration

Dringhouses York


As apart of an extensive property renovation in Dringhouses York, We we asked by Our customer to set about bringing theses stunning pitch pine floors back to life, keeping the original features of the property. Nothing has been done to the floors in over a 100 years, lots of discolouration and old varnishes and stains to cover up the past.

Pitch pine is very tough, especially when coved in varnish, 16 grit sandpaper on the belt was first used to get the main of the varnish up and to get the boards back flat. Once the pine was stable it was then sanded through to 100 grit for a smooth finish using both the belt sander and orbital. Some very large head nails were uses in the installation of the floor and once the heads were sanded up actually made a very nice feature, while keeping the character of the floor.


All 3 bedrooms, the landing and parlour were sanded to the same finish and then coated with Some hardware oil for a natural finish. The staircase was sanded as well to match. Using our dustless system, keeping the job tidy was an easy task and least disruption to other contractors, while the floors were being sanded. Fantastic property to work on and we can’t wait to see it finished.


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