Painting and Decorating Harrogate

Painting and decorating to be proud of…..

Just a short trip down the A59, we cover quite a bit of work in Harrogate. This was a loft apartment we have been doing some renovation work on, including thepainting and decorating. Our customer had a very good choice in colour schemes and picked all her paint from Fired Earth. A fantastic company with a exceptional range of paints, tiles and more. Take a look at their website here.

Feature walls were chosen and the cutting in with a steady hand could begin, keeping with white ceilings to allow as much light in the rooms as possible. Once cut in the walls are rolled with a medium pile roller and then a fine pile to finish. All carpet work is sheeted up and delicates are moved. Take a look at our Painting and Decorating page for more information and contact one of our decorators for more information.

When it comes to painting and decorating our painters pay meticulous attention to detail.

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