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At TF Building and Renovations we pride ourselves on our painting and decorating. This is the stage of the job where everything comes together and with a keen eye on the brush this is where it makes all the difference. Working on Freshly dried plaster, making sure a primer base coat is applied, we will apply at least 3 coats on newly plastered walls, especially with white. Spending the time to mask up where necessary, lots of sanding and filling is essential and with our skills we can get the most out of your project. Traditional oil based or new softer acrylic based finishes can be applied to the customers request and colour schemes. Our customer requested a rustic finish to the doors and didn’t want a modern look. After running a few tests we decided to go with a antique wash for pine. This was applied with a sponge and then varnished with a matt finish. The effect we liked that much that we were asked to do any throughout the rest of the property in the same effect. This worked very as a contrast to the rest of the house having a very neutral white colour scheme. If you are interested in having a chat to us about a potential painting and decorating project then head over to your contact page for more information.

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