Exterior Painting Sash Windows Gargrave

We take a lot of pride in our painting and decorating making sure you get the finest job

Our exterior painting and decorating is of the highest standard. We specialise at working at height and can reach any part of your home. This was a very intricate job painting 28 sash wood windows.  Using masking tape to get a clean edge on the glass, all the pains are taped up ready for painting. The windows had a coat of primer/undercoat from the workshop where they were made. We were contracted to give the windows two coats of exterior gloss.

We used a high quality Dulux trade paint. http://www.duluxtradepaintexpert.co.uk please click the link to find out more about this highly durable paint for exterior painting.

After a very light sand with a 120 grit sand paper, two coats of gloss were applied to the window following the grain of the wood. Having a very steady hand was needed to paint over the mastic up to the stone work. We do not leave masking tape on for longer than two days to ensure it does not leave a sticky residue. Once the tape is removed, a razor blade is used to cut back the paint line to as close to the wood as possible. This gives a very sharp look to the paint. With all our exterior painting the door furniture is removed, painted and then refit to acquire the best finish. Once the paint is dry we clean the windows.

Please give us a call on 07985711011 if you would like an estimate on any exterior painting and decorating. We use the highest quality paint for the custumers budget. This means our painting work will last as long as possible and stand up to the elements. TF Building are a exterior painting and decorating company that are based in and around skipton and the local area.

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