Oak Sleeper Bar For Boyces Barrel

Drink anyone? Our joiners love a real ale

When Approached by Andrew of Boyces Barrel, He Came to us with the Idea that he would like the full bar kitted out in oak sleepers. No easy task! Boyces barrel was going to be the first real ale micro pub in Colne and they wanted to make a statement. After seeing our previous work we started to measure up  for A bar and 7 Tables. At this stage the room was still just a shell. We set about sourcing the oak, 20 8 Foot sleepers were used all in all. with the delivery taking up most of our workshop firstly we set about cutting the sleepers to a pre determined cutting list then sanding to a smooth finish. At this point while there are still green we set about burning the oak while it is quite wet. this is how we bring the dark grain out. If they are to dry they will burn. With the granger we take gouges out of the edges for a more rustic look and round off any sharp corners. non of the oak was planed as we didn’t want a precise finish. the whole idea of our oak furniture is that it is a bit rustic and very chunky.

At this point we will stack the wood allowing air to circulate and give them time to air. For this job they had a few week as we were on a tight schedule. We could now start piecing the parts together. Fitting threaded bar through the tops of the tables and bar, the oak was pulled together ind glowed with PU wood Glue. Joints were trenched out and routed to allow the legs to sit in to the tops and the threaded bar tightened again. 22mm holes were board and round pegs were hammered in to cover the threaded bar. The iron corned brackets were then fitted to strengthen the joints and a a us full place to hang coats. As the tables were so high they were very top heavy. This was a big concern of ours as safety for the costumers was priority. (especially drunk ones). We commissioned north valley forge to make right angle bar with fish tales forges on as a way of anchoring the tables down. In the cellar underneath we fitted noggins between the joists where the lets for the table landed and secured with heavy duty coach bolts.  All the oak was then treated with Clear Osmo oil. An organic oil that leaves the oak with a fantastic durable finish. Please click the link bellow to find out more about this product.


Boyces barrel is now up and running on New Market Street in Colne and has a cracking atmosphere. If you are interested in any work being commissioned by TF Building using Oak railway sleepers then please give us a call on o7985711011. We can talk you through brining your ideas to life and advise you on the best as safest way to to about it as oak is very Heavy. You can see what is going on at Boyces Barrel on the Facebook page here.


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