Burnt Oak Sleeper Coffee Table

Burnt Oak Sleeper Coffee Table

Made to mesure commissions By TF Building and Renovations

This may well be the Heaviest Oak sleeper Piece we have made. Approached by a costumer that we have done numerous work for before. They wanted a coffee table measuring 130o x 1300 made out of oak sleepers  and parallel Supporting legs. We work with green oak at this size and cut to keep the rustic feel and look. Once sourced, the oak is then cut to size and sanded back with a flat disk grinder and hand sanded a smooth finish. Another reason we use the green oak with it being wet is so when we start the burning process, only the grain is highlighted and the wood dose not char. It has taken us Time to perfect the burning technique to bring the grain out and too much can burn the whole area and leave the wood in quite a mess.

Once we have all the cuts ready to be put together we then start measuring the oak and marking out ready for drilling. The oak is drilled individually to fit threaded bar through. A 32mm bit is drilled approximately 4mm deep at the end to fit washers and bolts in and tighten up. Polyurethane Glue is used in-between the sleepers for extra support. Oak plugs are then hammerd on to the 32mm holes covering the bolts. At this point we use Cosmo hard wax oil to seal the oak and bring the bunted grain out even further. Two coats will be applied over 48 hours ready for delivery to the customers home. As you can see this is a one of commission and even if we made another to the same cuts and design it would net be exactly the same due to the marking in burning the oak. After some heavy lifting, once in situation everyone was very happy with the results.

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