Gun metal Venetian Plastering

Venetian plastering For Robert Brannon hair Salon

Once again we were commissioned to carry out work on Robert Brannons hair salon. This Time we were working on a wall we have previously built. The idea was to turn the wall in to a slab of marble using venetian plastering. First we applied a primer coat that consist of acrylic primer and silica sand, once the primer has had adequate tome to dry the venetian plaster in can begin. This gives the plaster something to key too. All the edges are masked up using inch masking tape and around the plug sockets and along the floor.

The first coat of venetian plastering (also known as polished plaster) is applied as a base coat straight on to the primer. The second coat is applied using a random trowel technique as every movement will show through on the final coat. The final coat of venetian plaster is applied again with a random trowel movement but this time burnishing to bring out the shine and compressing the lime and marble. Between every coat we will allow 24 hours for the venetian plastering to cure. This gives the best result in the final finish as rushing this part will only end in a poor result.

Once finished you can see the shine of the burnishing on the venetian plastering and the whole room reflects off it.over the next few week the colour will slightly calm as the plaster cures. TF Building is a venetian plastering specialist, we are based in Skipton. Give us a call on 07985711011 if you would like to find out more about our services and what we can do for you. Venetian plastering looks fantastic in a home setting as a feature wall or ceiling.

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