Birch Plywood Rainbow Kitchen

Birch Plywood Kitchen

with a colour scheme of the full rainbow

Definitely and interesting project for us to work on as far as kitchens go. We were introduced to our customer through a mutual friend, who had the Idea of a rainbow kitchen but no one to tackle making it. We loved the idea immediately as working on something a little out there is right up my street! Sam the master mind behind the project knew she wanted all the colours of the rainbow, but making it come to life was proving  interesting to say the least. In the end we had 14 different colours form the little Green Paint Company and the Cad drawings were finalised. This is a full birch plywood build, with mitred corner cabinets and inset doors. Being built like this you can see the detail of the edge of the cabinet and also keep a flush finish to the cabinets.

the drawers were kept as full slabs with cut outs in the cabinets for access opening. The doors were made with a J grove for easy finger access, all on soft close hinges and runners. The doors were spray painted with a 10% matt sheen for a very soft flat finish. all the intervals of the cabinets were mead to suit Sam with plans for using the kitchen, wine racks, plate holders, Tupperware dividers, chopping, board holders and our birch cutlery drawers. we mad the cabinets look like there were floating on a plinth all the way around to show of the birch from the cabinets.  The kitchen was finished with a white 30mm quartz top with an inset sink. Sam very kindly dressed the kitchen with her items that have be carefully chosen to do with the colours of the kitchen. I wish were were all as brave as Sam!

A project we definitely enjoyed making for The autumn kitchen and seeing Sams idea come to life!

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