Venetian Plastering Marble Brick

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Red brick design using venetian plastering, also known as polished plaster. This was a interesting Sample board experimenting with new ideas. First I venetian plaster the sample board with black plaster and slightly burnish to bring out the shine. Once the black venetian plaster has cured we can start the next stage using a level I set out the the horizontal lines of the brick work and then followed the bond of brick work vertically. using 20mm (quite thick) masking tape, The grid of mortar lines was mad to cover the black venetian plastering.

With the masking tape on the next layers of red venetian plastering can start. 3 layers that are well under 2mm in depth all in all. the second layer is when we start putting the detail in with the trowel movements. With the last coat on and burnished the shine its now very prominent and your refection can be seen. Carefully the masking tape is now removed to reveal the black plaster underneath. with a day to cure the venetian plastering is then buffed with dacor lacquer and a lambs wool bonnet to fantastic results. The red is one of many colours you could choose from, even the base could be in a different colour, it depends on how abstract you would like to go.  The Bricks could even be in different colours.

Please feel free to contact me with regards to and venetian plastering work you may be interested in. We can work with RAL numbers to match your companies colour theme and make feature walls in your place of work or business. call 07985711011 for a estimate and ideas of what we can do for you. concepts like this look fantastic in bar areas, hair salons, clubs, hotels, office receptions, restaurants, and much much more

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