Venetian Plaster Colour Mix

Venetian plaster samples, if you want to be out there

This is sample board of venetian plaster I have recently made using a mixture of red and black plaster. Below is a few close ups of the venetian plastering so you can see the detail that is part of the final product. on Venetian plastering is ever exactly the same hence when you ask us to work on a project for you, you will get a one of a kind.  Firstly a primer is applied and once dried we start applying the layers of the venetian plaster. The first coat is just a base coat and is troweled on quite quickly, once this has set overnight we can start with the first detail coat, this is same as the average top layer of venetian plaster, you can see this coat through the top layer so it is important to keep the detail in the sec on layer. Both coats one ant two were applied in red.

On the last coat, first I will work in work in a small area of red then while it is still wet I will apply a extremely thin trowel stroke of black. this is where the detail comes in to the venetian plaster. This is quite time consuming, cleaning the trowel and making sure the plasters do not contaminate each other. Burnishing small areas at a time the achieve the best shine the finished piece looks …..well funky! When all the board is covered I  will burnish the whole thing.  With 24 hours to dry and cure, next tis to polish the venetian plaster with decor lacquer and a lambs wool buffer head. once agin the shine is apparent to see. This would look fantastic in a bar or night club as a feature wall. remember we can mix any colour together to create the desired effect you want. please feel free to call me for a chat about my venetian plastering work and if you would like a sample i could send something out to you. 07985711011

If you would like a sample making up then drop us a email and we can arrange it

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