Stone flag Patio Skipton

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Its not often we get to work with a stone flag patio of this quality! Some being over 5 inch thick and were extreme heavy. They came for a old quarry the house was  next to. Moving the stone flags was no east task but with a few extra hands it was worth the effort. Firstly a base was dug out to a depth of around 10 to 12 inch. As there was a lot of weight in the flags and there was a good chance horses would be on them it had to be a solid base. A generous layer of MOT was laid to the depth of about 10 inch so the patio sat up a little from the surrounding turf. The hardcore was  levelled and tamped down with a whacker plate.

Lifting the flags was nothing short of back breaking, and half way through we were informed a previous builders had turned down the job due to the weight. undeterred we cracked on anyway. A screed of grit sand was laid and the flags were very slowly moved. The is a run off to the middle of the patio from both sided to allow water to drain down the middle. weather we are working with a stone flag patio of this size or smaller indian flags we will always lay the flags on a full screed of grit sand. many builders will use a 5 spot technique. Personally we think this is bad practice and we never use this method.

Once the grit sand had set we pointed the patio wit a 3 to 1 mix with black mortar dye. I suggested using this to make a bit of a statement almost framing each flag. At the time it was a heavy job to do but looking at the finished product it was well worth it and in keeping with the rest of the property.

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