polished plaster Skipton

When it comes to making a feature we have plenty of ideas

This is a test board of venetian plastering recently been worked on. Also known as polished plaster this is sunset orange and emerald. Starting with a acrylic primer and a silica sand mix the board is prepared for so the base coat of venetian plaster with adhere to the the board. Once dried and lightly sanded the base coat is applied and left over night to dry. The second coat is the start of a texture coat where trowel movements become a lot smaller and and in random directions. This coat will show up in the final finish and again is left overnight to dry again. The final coat of polished plaster is applied in the same way in very random movements. At this point the we will burnish the polished plaster to a glass like finish. Overnight again once cured a protective decor lacquer is applied and polished with a lambs wool bonnet and buffer to bring out the maximum shine. over the next couple of week the plaster will cure and the colours will calm.

TF Building is a Polished plaster specialist based in Skipton. Give us a call on 07985711011 if you would like to find out more about polished plaster and what we can do for you. We can match colours to your companies logo or theme. Polished plaster looks fantastic in urban settings and is a excellent way of making a statement. Polished plaster can be applied to smooth walls, around corners and even on furniture. For the home we can work with a lot more subtle colours to make feature walls and ceilings.

drop us a email if you would like some samples our venetian plaster

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