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This is a painting job we recently finished. Below is the Photo blog of the prep work before the painting. This part is as  important as painting the final layer. First things first, sanding. all the wood work is sanded with 120 grit sand paper to a smooth to the touch finish ready for painting the primer coat on. All the holes and imperfections are filled with wood filler and sanded with the grain to a smooth finish. The next step is for the wood knots to be sealed with knotting solution or isolator paint. This ensured the oils do not come out of the knots and discolour the final finish.  Masking tape is used where necessary on glass and all door and window furniture is removed for the best finish.

Painting on the wood primer along wight he grain is the first layer of paint. On this job we used a extremely high quality paint called Tikkurila ( It is acrylic based and leaves a matt finish once dry. The primer is tinted to the same colour as the top coat. Once dry after 8 hours a very light sand is done and it is ready for the final coat.

With the fresh plaster, any holes and imperfections are filled and sanded ready fro a first coat of plaster primer. we thin this down with water as well on the first coat which is also called the mist coat. The fresh plaster will soak this up extremely fast. At this point the wall is checked again as the white paint will bring out imperfections. Once dry, two more coats to the final finish. Please call us on 07985711011 if you would like a estimate for any painting and decorating work on your home or project. TF Building are a Skipton based building and renovation company.

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