Oak Display Razor Barbers Barnoldswick

One off joinery commissions, we have plenty of ideas

After seeing some of our previous work Razor mens barbers commissioned us to make a window display to stock hair products on and draw peoples attention. Using a cut from a oak sleeper a upright was made to hold the oak shelves. Measurements were takes and trenching the sleeper out so the shelves would just slide in giving the effect of them floating. PU glue was used to hold them in place and a hole was bored out fro the back of the sleeper in to the shelf. once set a 200mm dowel was drove in to give it extra strength. I had been wanting to incorporate the Edison bulb in to some of the oak features i make for a while and thought this would be the ideal opportunity.

A pilot hole was drilled for the wire and down the back of the sleeper a channel was routed out for the cord to sit. A vintage effect cloth cord was used and a large Edison bulb was situated in the middle of the oak shelves.  All the electrical warm was done by a local electrocution and pat tested for safety. The oak had previously been sanded  and burned prior to cutting so Osmo oil was applied in two coats for the desired finish. Oak is very heavy so a steel base was fabricated out of 5 mm sheet steel and bolted to the base. Annie Sloane chalk paint in grafite was used for a dull effect and waxed to protect it.

TF Building is a Building and renovations company that work with oak sleepers to make unique creations made to measure. if you have a idea you would like us to bring to life for your shop or business please give us a call on 079085711011. we are skipton based but ship through out the country.

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