Fiberglass flat roofing system Foulridge

Our fibreglass flat roofs are made to withstand the elements for years to come

Fiberglass roofing is by far the best way to ensure sealing a flat roof . This a a fibreglass roof we fit on a outhouse. We Pre-treat the boards with a coat of resin to ensure if any bad weather dose come the job won’t be compromised. once the old boards are removed and the new OSB board is fit with appropriate gaps, the fibreglass trims can be fit. Theses consist of a drip edge going in to the gutters and a up stand ensuring all the water runs off the drip edge

The resin is measured out and rolled on the the boards and over the trims. Fiberglass strand matting is then placed on top and another layer of resin is applied. The resin soaks in to the matting and is worked in with rollers making sure no air bubbles are trapped in the Fibreglass. Top coat can be coloured to the costumers request, usually we will use slate grey to keep in keeping with the surroundings.

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