Church Roof Eco Insulation Embsay

Steico Eco Wood Insulation Install

on Embsay Children Center Church Roof

With my youngest son (River) turning 3, we have just signed him up to start at the Embsay Childrens Nursery. A brilliant setting for him to be taken off our hands in an old converted Church. My name was soon put forward for some renovation work on the building due to heat loss in the attic space. With the owners Simon And Christine being very eco conscious, especially with the building and the kind of business they run, Stieco wood fibre insulation was introduced into the plan for a sustainable clean job. Bi Thanks to Mike Wye sustainable building supplies for talking us through the products and offering advice on the best materials. I can’t recommend them enough.

With November being the start of the run up to xmas and with myself and the nursery needed to work during the week and keep work commitments. This project was done over 3 weekends so business could run as normal.  80mm thick insulation was fit between the beams then cladded with a pine tong and groove to match another part of the building. Last weekend working fully of scaffolding to reach the 6m hight supplied By Skipton Hire centre.

Definitely happy to see it finished with the weekends away from family, but what a difference it has made to the look of the building. offering a brighter space and making the building retain heat in the winter and keeping it cooler in summer.  If you have a project like this we can help you with, give us a call. I don’t want to make a habit of working too many weekends but if needs must….

If you are in need of some renovation work to your home or place of work, plead do give us a call and we can have a chat about the project

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